If you are still thinking about going to Georgia or not, the answer is clear - yes! Georgia - it's cordiality, it's the sea and mountains, it's a gentle sun, it's architecture, traditions, it's .... the spirit captures! Our tours to Georgia are distinguished by quality service and pleasant prices.

Georgia is a mountainous country, warm and not very expensive. They go here to see: monasteries, temples, castles, fortresses, as well as megaliths and some other archaeological objects. Here there is something from the architecture of the XIX century. You will see heavily crushed fortresses of about XV century or younger, you will see temples X, XI, XII centuries and some more ancient ones.

There are a lot of fortresses and temples of different degree of safety in Georgia. In the XVII century, the researchers numbered more than 500. These ruins are visually inexpressive, but can be very interesting if you know their origin and cultural role. In this you are our guide. In addition, man-made attractions are also natural. in Georgia two new caves have been equipped for tourists: the cave of Sataplia and the much larger Prometheus cave. In addition to cultivated natural attractions, there is also a certain amount of wild and untrodden, especially in the mountains in the west of the country.

Georgia is a country inhabited by adequate, hospitable, benevolent people. Come, and we will try to make your holiday unforgettable!

General information and interesting facts about Georgia

The capital is Tbilisi. The total population is about 4.5 million. In the capital, there are about 1.5 million people. Language The official state language is Georgian. People older than 30 understand almost everything and speak Russian. Young people speak Russian worse, but speak fluent English. If you speak at least a little bit in Russian and English, you will not be lost. Although our guests can not worry about this, because our guides will always be there!



Georgians profess Orthodox Christianity. Georgia is one of the first countries to accept Christianity in general. Georgians are quite religious in the general mass, but not fanatical. To other religions, Georgians are treated with respect!


About money in Georgia

The official currency of Georgia is Lari (GEL). The currency can be exchanged at the bank (on weekdays from 9-00 to 18-00) or at currency exchange offices. There are a lot of them and most of them are round the clock. Do not exchange currency with your hands. In hotels, in most shops and cafes you can pay by card. But you still need to have cash with you.




Georgia is a mountainous country, located in the central and western part of Transcaucasia. The state borders on the north with Russia, in the east with Azerbaijan, in the south with Armenia and Turkey. The Black Sea coast of Georgia has a length of 308 km and is devoid of any significant bays, islands or peninsulas. In the north of Georgia is the Great Caucasian Range (the highest points are Shkhara, 5068 m, Kazbek - 5,033 m). The main rivers are the Kura, Rioni; Lake - Paleostomi, Aletkel, Paravani. About 2/5 of the territory is covered with forests.


Climate of Georgia

In the west - subtropical, in the east - transitional from the subtropical to the moderate. The average temperature of January is from +3 to +9 C, but in mountainous regions it can drop to -16-20 C. During long summer the weather is mostly hot, and the average temperature in August is +23 C - +26 C practically throughout the whole territory Georgia. Snow falls mainly in mountainous areas in November and does not melt until the end of spring. The climate of Georgia is favorable for year-round recreation and treatment, nature pampers with a constant abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, which is especially important for visitors of northern regions and territories with unfavorable ecology.


Helpful information

Georgians are very hospitable and always ready to help. If you have any questions - feel free to contact passers-by. But there are nuances that are worth considering. Since May 1, 2018, the law on smoking cessation in public places will come into force. Traffic rules are often ignored - we advise you to cross the road carefully.



If you are going to go on business or on vacation, you will need to collect a package of documents and prepare for the trip. And someone might need a visa to Georgia. To avoid unpleasant surprises on the border, consider the following rules. Visa for residents of Ukraine and Russia is not needed, as well as the countries listed below.

List of countries whose citizens can stay in Georgia without a visa during the year:

Albania, Andorra, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Barbados, Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Botswana, Brazil, Brunei, Great Britain, Overseas Territories of Great Britain, Hungary, Vatican City, Germany, Greece, Honduras, Denmark, the Territories of the Kingdom of Denmark, Dominica, Israel, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Canada, Cyprus, Colombia, Costa Rica, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Mol New Zealand, the Netherlands, the Netherlands, Norway, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, the USA, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Thailand, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Finland, France, the Territories of France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, El Salvador, Ecuador, Estonia, South Korea, South Africa, Japan To enter only need to act conductive passport, in which no marks about crossing the border with Abkhazia and South Ossetia by Russia.



The telephone code of Georgia is +995, Tbilisi 322. Mobile operators: Geosel, Magticom and Beeline. Health For urgent medical aid in Georgia, call 112 - this is the Department of Emergency Situations. By the way, the ambulance comes quickly and is always free.