Racha-Lechkhumi is a beautiful mountainous corner of Georgia, called Georgian Switzerland. The Bugeuli plant produces the famous Khvanchkara. In the factory, you can see how the favorite alcoholic beverage of Georgian citizens ferments and stores.

The region is famous for its beautiful landscapes, here they go to rest and fish on the lake Shaori. Tourists visit the Church of St. Nicholas. On the walls of the cathedral there is a painting, which is more than five centuries old.

In this region there are many interesting, unique historical-ethnographic, archaeological and architectural monuments. Among them are Nikortsminda, Barakoni, Honchiori, Mravaldzali, Patara-Oni, Gebi, Kviriketsminda, Laailashi, Chazhashsky complex, Minda-tsikhe, Kvaratsikhe, the fortress encoded for "Meet", "Beat" and "Do not Let," the centuries-old Ona synagogue , the tomb of a famous church figure and theologian of the 7th century St. Maxim the Confessor and the monastery in Tsagersky municipality, etc. The fact that the historical and cultural past of Georgia is associated with the vine is known throughout the world. This will be immediately felt by a person who at least visited these beautiful corners of Georgia and tried the local wines - Khvanchkara, Aleksandrouli, Ojaleshi or Tetra. Of the 600 varieties of vines common in Georgia, about 300 varieties are cultivated in this region. Especially popular is the wine "Khvanchkara", which was previously produced in the same village in Race from the varieties of grapes "Alexandrouli" and "Mujuretuli".

Of historical architectural monuments, the Nikorskindi Temple of the 11th century and Barakonsky - XVIII century deserve special attention. The famous Shaor water reservoir.