Dartlo - the highest village in the list of protected landscapes of Tushetia.
There live no more than a dozen people there today. But there is a hotel where you can sleep.

This village is one of many beautiful villages throughout Tushetia. It is located at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, in the Pirikita Alazani gorge, which is located on the northern slope of the Caucasian ridge. In addition to castles, buildings and towers, the ruins of Christian churches are also preserved in the village.

In the past, the enemies especially attacked one of the towers of Dartlo. This tower had 6 floors: on the ground floor, prisoners were held, and from the second to the fifth, it served as a refuge for women and children. The sixth floor was used by soldiers during the battle. This tower now stands in the middle of the village. You can also see the "stone chairs" preserved here. Elders of the village sat on them, discussing controversial cases (theft, murder, treachery).

Akeldamy Anatori, Shkmeri, Ganjareuli Cave

Окрестности села Шкмери

Akeldamy Anatori, Shkmeri, Ganjareuli Cave

Akeldamy Anatory in Khevsureti
Akeldamy Anatari in Khevsureti. Approximately 3 kilometers from Shatili. In the 18th century, these places were visited by the plague. The sick people left their homes and went to these buildings to meet death there. The place is creepy, but worth a visit. It is located right on the road leading from Shatili to Mutso.

Surroundings of the village of Shkmeri
Surroundings of the mountainous Rachinsky village of Shkmeri, the homeland toasted in a dairy-garlic chicken sauce. Here the species, canyons and a couple of very interesting caves. With a strong car, knowledge of roads and enthusiasm, you can get to Mravallzali on wheels. Get a very beautiful one-day. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get there without a car with good traffic, but if you do not regret it.

Ganjareuli Cave
Incredibly interesting and relatively difficult to reach is the wild cave of Gandjarauli in the vicinity of Rachin village Usholta, one of the parts of the village of Shkmeri. Called "the kingdom of Aladin." Its depth reaches 2 kilometers. Throughout the cave there is a river, forming a small cascading waterfall when leaving it. Stalactites and stalagmites begin far from the entrance. Therefore, if you want to see them, you need to thoroughly arm yourself with the necessary things. Inside stands the pitch darkness and a stable light source and the "Ariadne's thread" for a safe return is mandatory.

Crychal River Canyon
Canyon of the river Krikhula with waterfalls. 10 kilometers from Ambrolauri.
If you take the basic equipment and go through it to the end, you will get a good adventure. And the more water in the canyon, the more interesting.