In Martvilly canyons you can walk on foot, you can and on boats along the current. There are also preserved fossils that are millions of years old. The object is a little weather-dependent - in rainy weather it is not necessary to go. After downpours too. I also want to get to the village of Balda (with an emphasis on the first syllable, as in all Georgian words). The map is marked as "c". It's also beautiful there. And there are waterfalls and Gachedili Canyons.
Tobavarchyli Lakes in Upper Samegrelo
Let's call them so, although each of them has its own separate name. There are six in total. 2 large and 4 small. Immediately there is a waterfall. Decent height. Above Gurgenian and Gveletian. Its source is in one of the large lakes Tobavarchyli. The route is complex, close to the extreme. But, as one outstanding person who visited there recently said, "There are no impassable routes."

This is always advisable for our tourists. Impressive spectacle, remembered for a long time, greatly inspires