Our way will be to the north, along the Military-Georgian road, to the border with Russia. Throughout the route you will be surrounded by a magnificent mountain landscape. The complex of Ananuri churches and towers, beautifully rises above the Zhinval water reservoir. A huge water area stretches among the forested mountains at the confluence of two rivers - Belaya Aragvi and Chernaya Aragvi. Eight kilometers from the dam is Ananuri Castle. Waters of Aragvi come to the very walls of this magnificent monument of the XVII century. Fortress walls reinforce two large and several small towers, from which a wonderful view opens. Ananuri submitted for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Rising to the Cross pass, we will pass the famous ski resort of Gudauri. Gudauri is the youngest and most promising ski resort in the Caucasus. It is located at an altitude of 2196 m. The unique natural relief of Gudauri, deep and stable snow cover, the lack of stones on the tracks and outside the trails, avalanche safety and high altitude accommodation - all these factors attracted foreign investors.

We continue the way. The forest zone was left behind, alpine meadows around. Next, a serpentine serpentine will lead to the highest point of the pass. At an altitude of 2,379 meters, an observation deck is equipped, from which it is convenient to photograph the Aragvi Gorge and the beautiful panorama of the Greater Caucasus.

A few more kilometers, and you can try sourish water with a high iron content. This mineral spring flows from the top of the mountain, and over the centuries it formed a thick layer of multicolored lime. From the side it seems that the mountain slope is painted in a bright orange color. From here begins the descent from the pass to the famous Daryal Gorge, which in ancient times was called the Gates of the Caucasus.


Even in summer, when going on vacation to Kazbegi, you should bring warm clothes and a raincoat with you. The weather in Stepantsminda often changes even during the day. A quiet summer day can suddenly surprise with a cool or heavy rain. At the same time, the mountains surrounding the village are colder.