Adjara is one of the parts of ancient Georgia, on the one hand a resort component of Georgia, on the other hand, rest in Adjara can be full of many sights and ancient species. On the other hand, as in any resort, rest in Adjara is the sea, the sun and of course the pebble beach. What distinguishes a holiday in Adjara from any other resort is the unique nature, excellent clean air and, of course, the color of the local population - with their customs and traditions. And what kind of climate is not forgotten here? The climate of Adjara is a warm winter and a relatively cool summer, but crystal clear air in the mountains and on the coast. An interesting set of plants both on the coast and in the highlands. Rest in Adjara is not a rest - if not to say about the kitchen of Adjara, but more about this in a separate article, here it is worth noting only that it is unique and surprising. A huge number of wineries and private wineries, leads to rest in Adjara, and this aspect of tourism - wine tourism in Georgia.