The Georgian traditional method of making wine in Kvevri in 2013 was awarded the status of a monument of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO. Kvevri, a vessel in the shape of a cone without handles, is buried in the ground at the very mouth. In it, the wine wanders and stands.

Wine has always been of great importance for Georgians: without it, no event takes place. In Georgia, almost every family keeps their own wine in the cellar.

Винный тур в Грузии отзывы

To begin with, you need to choose a region in Georgia where you will learn winemaking and immerse yourself in a completely separate world, which, to be honest now, has become very fashionable:
- experts on wine are listed on a par with the connoisseurs of classical music or painting and in companies or on facebook it is considered a good way to flash knowledge.

Gurjaani: plant "Gruzvinprom", winery "Gurjaani", winery "Kahuri Gvinis Marani" (Kakheti wine cellar) and first of all winery "Kimerioni"
Zegaani: Winery "Chateau-Zegani"
Tsinandali: "Shumi" winery
Kvareli: Hareba Winery, Kindzmarauli Corporation winery, Kindzmarauli Marani winery, Graneli Winery

Винный тур в Грузии отзывы

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