Rafting is an alloy on a special inflatable boat, along mountain rivers. The complexity of the river can be from 1 (no thresholds) to 5 (there are waterfalls) class. More about rafting and categories. Basically for beginners in rafting there are rivers of 2-3 categories of complexity, on which there are rapids, rolling, fast flow and stones. For those who already have experience of alloys, class 3-4 is suitable, these rivers are much more dynamic, more extreme, and require safe organization of insurance for safe passage. Class 5 is available only for experts.
Rafting in Georgia is first and foremost an interesting and exciting journey.

But it is worth remembering that all this is true only if the raft is conducted by a competent, knowledgeable instructor. Fusion with a professional is safe and causes incredibly vivid impressions. On 2-3 categories, it is almost impossible to turn the boat almost, 3-4 turns happen more often, but the guide knows the algorithm of actions in this case and quickly takes the situation under control.

On the issue of organization of individual programs, contact us universaltour@mail.ru!

Unique routes starting 60 km from the city of Batumi. For those who want thrills!
* Duration from 1,5 to 2 hours
* Routes through the beautiful canyons
* On the route, the raft is accompanied by a professional lifeguard - a kayak guide.
* This is extreme!
* The cost is only $ 60 per person!
* A group of 3 people!

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