Flight in a balloon can not be compared to anything! The beauty of the landscape, which opens from a height, fascinates the Great Caucasian ridge and the Alazani valley is a fascinating sight. Below, under a basket of a balloon, vineyards, orchards, forests, rivers flow slowly, medieval fortresses and monasteries rise. Scale from the height of mesmerizing so that it captures the spirit.


The flight altitude is from 50 m to 2 000 m. Usually departure starts early in the morning, around 6.00, because at this time, as a rule, the most calm and stable air conditions. It provides maximum comfort in flight and a soft landing. There are flights in the evening hours, but these flights are shorter in time than the morning ones.

For safe take-offs and landings, you need a free space without trees, stones, ponds. There are few such places in Georgia, it is the Alazani Valley in Kakheti and the Mukhran Valley near Tbilisi.
For passengers there are restrictions on age: it is hung up to children from 10 years, growth is above 1.30 m.
The ideal season for the flight is April - the end of October. In stable weather in winter, flights are also possible.
The flight itself lasts 1-1.20 hours. The whole process of preparing the event lasts 4-5 hours. You will also be interested to see how we prepare the ball for flight. This is also spectacular.
It is absolutely safe, for many years of practice there has not been a single incident. The balloon does not break!
The cost of the flight is from 310 GEL ($ 130) per person. For more detailed information, please, call +995 557 957 444



Tandem paragliding with certified pilots. The equipment is tested on a daily basis, the pilots undergo daily medical control. You will be provided with: warm clothes, gloves and a flying helmet. Our pilots and managers speak Russian and English. In flight for professional quality equipment HD-4K + provided video-photo. There are flexible discounts for groups.

Gudauri Paragliding: photo0.jpg


Гудаури Параглайдинг: полет в тандеме выше гор.


Hang-glider-tandem flight together.

One of the kinds of entertainment and beach holidays in Batumi. A fascinating adventure and picturesque views of the city and the sea await you. The cost of 10 minutes of flight is 100 lari per person.


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