The Casino - Tour offers  number of programs for players of all levels who wish to visit Tbilisi / Batumi and stay in the city during the medium and short term and enjoy all the services and amenities.

Casinos of Georgia are not just entertaining. It's a lifestyle. Here you will find an inexpressible atmosphere of refinement and charm, which can be found only in the most elite establishments.
It is here that you can escape from loud voices, harsh sounds, bustle of streets, and immerse yourself in the unhurried rhythm of special time, where you will be enveloped, a light smoke of cigars and a cognac flavor and you will be able to succumb to the gambling excitement.
At the tables you will find professional staff with an impeccable reputation and friendly and warm smiles. In our casinos you can enjoy an exciting game of roulette, Black Jack, poker and slot machines.

We provide high-quality and elite service so that you enjoy the game and rest.

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